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XSF-47 Experimental Starfighter

        Here is the XSF-47, it is a futuristic Experimental Starfighter. Equipped with repeating Lasers and a missile launcher, it is designed to lightning quick strikes. This starfighter is lacking in creature comforts and is designed with efficiency in mind limiting to three main sections to aid in its speed and attack profile. The stud launchers and cockpit are strapped to three engines which propel this starfighter through the atmosphere into space.
       This project here depicts a part of the XSF-47 test and evaluation cycle. In this project are three minifigs: The lead Design Engineer, the head Mechanic, and the Test Pilot. During the test flight the engineer and mechanic monitor the crafts progress and status in a command and control room which houses multiple sensors, communication equipment, and data collection devices. This control room is housed on a 32 x 32 plate that depicts part of the XSF-47's hangar.

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