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The Truman Show


Hello, this is my new project, The Truman Show.

I watched this movie and I thought it was very impressive. Because it has a fresh plot that I've ever watched. So I also thought "How about building the ending scene with LEGO?". And I built it with LEGO Digital Designer that I often use to build LEGO creations. I belive it would be a good LEGO Ideas set whether you've watched this movie or not. 

To build the wall of the studio of the show that painted to describe sky, I decided to use sky blue plates and white plates by stacking them. This project includes minifigures, Truman Burbank (main character), Christof (director of the Truman Show) and boat that was used by Truman who was escaping the studio. And there is also a control room!

749 bricks were used.

Thank you for reading my explanation. I hope you surpport my project if you liked it.



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