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1942 Dodge Power Wagon 6X6


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This is a 1942 Dodge Power Wagon 6X6. Many of these trucks were produced but not in this form. Most of the Power wagons where 4X4s but none of them where 6X6s. I built this truck because I wanted to build a lego that was like the real truck that also ran on power functions and that it would be different than the normal Power Wagon truck. I think this would make a great lego set because it is pleasing to look at as a model and a fun truck to play with as a toy. Also this truck is in about the same size range as the Official LEGO Porsche 911 GT3 RS. This truck has working door handles, tailgate, and butterfly hood with hood prop rods. Some more features on this truck include power functions with steering, a four speed transmission, and working suspension. I hope you enjoy this project and please support it!  

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