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This is Hugman. Hugman likes to hug. Hugman hugs table legs, sign posts, bicycle racks, trees, fence posts and anything it can get its arms around. 

Hugman began as street art in New York City. Hugman figures would appear in different locations throughout the city. People would spot Hugman and stop to take photos. It was a fun surprise to find brightly colored LEGO sculptures in the most random places. 

From there, Hugman figures started appearing in cities around the world. Often I would leave a Hugman behind, wrapped around the leg of a park bench or a pole, to put a smile on people’s faces who happen upon this bright pop of color. You can see photos of Hugman around the world here:

Soon I was getting requests for Hugman sculptures. People wanted a Hugman in their home, embracing the leg of their desk or lamp. Hugman figures were bringing the happy feelings of a friendly embrace to folks everywhere. So, I was finally convinced to bring Hugman to LEGO Ideas in hopes it would become an official LEGO set.

Hugman is a simple design, just like a real hug. With about 400 pieces in total and standing 16 inches tall, all ages can build a Hugman. Made in bright, primary colors and ready to hug.

Thanks for reading and please support Hugman.

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