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Once Upon a Time: The Little Red Riding Hood


Little Red Riding Hood is a popular tale now universal. (Brothers Grimm's contents and Charles Perrault's version are the most known)

Loving this story, I decided to conceive this project so that children (and olders) can enjoy rebuilding it stone by stone through every step.

It's composed by 4 characters, a forest, the woodcutter's house and his workbench, the grand mother's house and her garden.


The grand mother's house is composed of 6 living spaces (entrance, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a library on the second floor). It has 3 technical caracteristics:

-it opens up in 2 parts via articulated pieces

-easy access to the different floors

-removable partition to access the library.


Contains 2417 pieces, the dimensions are 28cm large , by 84,8 cm long and 29cm high.

This project joins vintage and modern pieces: perfect occasion for every generations to gather around.

I’m very gratefull to whom may support my dear project.

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