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Hyundai N Vision74

Hyundai motors Rolling lab concept car / N Vision74
2977 pcs used & stickers
38cm long
doors , bonnet, rear cover openable.

This car was built with the motif of Hyundai Motor's rolling lab vehicle.
designed this vehicle at Stud-io.

๏ปฟ๏ปฟ๏ปฟI spent a lot of time trying to express the details and curves of this car.

It represents both the exterior and interior of this car.

Both the hydro-motor in front of the vehicle and the hydrogen tank in the back of the vehicle have been built.

I hope you find this car attractive.

The most important part of the process of designing this vehicle was the detail-based size measurement of the smallest part to be represented.

After setting the headlight part as the reference point for the ratio, the overall size was matched with the proportion of the vehicle design, and the entire mass was conceived.

Curved expressions, gimmicks, and indoor and outdoor details were comprehensively considered and revised repeatedly.

Expressing the desired shape and details with a Lego brick with a certain shape and thickness is very difficult for me, who lacks the ability.

But if there are some visuals that are worth seeing, the first crisis will be overcome. There is one thing that I found out about my hobby, especially while creating Lego.

Even if you're stuck in the process of doing something, if you proceed to a certain extent, there is a point where you can complete it no matter how difficult and long it takes.

I can't say that it's a certain point, but if you continue

'Oh, I'll finish this.’

There's a time when you have a stable mind.

This work was designed in three to four hours at night on weekends and an hour on weekdays, and I felt it on the third day, and I think it was on fire after a long time.

And I was a little bit off, and I started to think that the process of making something out of Lego is riding a pipeline that's similar to my own.

They say that cars are the last toys for adults.
For some, it may be a consumer good for life, for some, it may be a luxury or a means to show off, but I don't think it's just a tool to go somewhere comfortably.

At a time when the age of internal combustion engines is coming to an end and electric vehicles are increasingly visible, the rolling lab vehicle, based on a design from more than 50 years ago, has received much acclaim, perhaps because it has been recognized as something that encompasses decades of automotive technology, design?

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