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Lego Zoo

I created a Zoo with lot of animals and vistors walking around my zoo.

When I play in my Lego city I recognized a zoo is missing, where the residents can walk around, wachting animals and relex.

There are many Lego animals out in the Lego universe, like a hammerhead shark and a scorpion. These are already part of my zoo.
In a tour to my zoo you will find many details. A special highlight is a platform above the terrarium, from where you have a great overview with binoculars over the whole zoo. Also it is time for relaxing on benches and eat an apple. You will also notice several bins for your waste. And now I it is time that other Lego fans can also build a zoo and the Lego residents can relex - this is why this Lego set is needed.

Now it is time to visit my zoo.

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