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Project Elements: Geia Titan - Quasimodo


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This is one of the old projects I found in my computer today (September 10th). It is categorized in Chapter 3 of my Project Elements. I started on this one before completing Chapter 2, because I wanted to create all 12 Geia Titans. To be very very honest, I am sort of giving up on the story, because it sounds weird and bad to me right now.  In other words, after completing or submiting rest of the Project Elements' stuffs (Another two Geia Titans and a random stuff), there will be no more Project Elements. In the future, I will do some large Lego model based on real life I guess.

This unique Geia Titan is inspired by a fictional character - Quasimodo, a hunchback. Compared to other Geia Titans, it has the strongest armor and the smallest head because there are not many sensors in its brain.  This is why its nickname is Brainless. By that means, the pilot who can control this titan (or beast) has to be super intelligent and requires many battle experiences to face different challenges. My original idea for this titan and its pilot, Brian (or Brain), was that Brian would sacrifice himself and use it as a wrecking ball to smash everything.  In the end, the enemy would destroy its core and create a massive explosion. What a tragedy it is. The reason I finally submit it now is because I think it has a very interesting looking and building technique that other projects don't have. 

It contains about 504 pieces (mostly are small) and the price ranges from $35 to $45.

This includes:

  • Two minifigures 
  • One 6-dots shooter
  • One giant grabber
  • Laser eye


P.s. I cannot find the paper which contains my initial ideas about the 12 Geia Titans, but I remember the ideas are: 

  1. Rahu (Leader, Four arms),
  2. Axer (Axe),
  3. Quasimodo (Wrecking Ball),
  4. Galahad (Shield/Blade),
  5. Keetongu (Cyclop),
  6. Sagittarius (Archer),
  7. Mata Nui? (Michael?, Gemini - 1), 
  8. Makuta? (Lucifer?, Gemini - 2),
  9. Anubis (?),
  10. and 3 TBD

As I mention on the top, I will submit other two Geia Titans.  One is Galahad and the other is Rahu.  Unfortunately, Rahu is not fully done yet.  About the other titans, Keetongu and Makuta were still stuck in the infinate head-developing process.  Sagittarius is more about structure and play feature, and I don't have time to experiment... and Anubis... will be added to my own adventure theme.  If you guy still want to see all of them or at least half dozen of them, please comment...

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