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'Not So Mini'-Figure


Presenting the 'not so mini'-figure,

A standard minifigure, but 4 times as big!

Why do I want a giant minifig?

  • As a giant addition to your minifig collection,
  • You want a bigger minifig.

But that is not enough!

Well lets add a easel display stand then, so you can;

  • Set it on your desk with your namecard for a great conversion starter, 
    (or with a fair warning not to disturb you in the morning until your coffee mug is this empty, showing the giant empty Lego mug),
  • Have it show guest the name and details of your Lego diorama (at a Lego show),
  • Tell people about the great new Lego Idea set that's for sale now,
  • Or just for presenting a picture/painting.

What is included?

  • One giant minifig,
  • A mug and paintbrush,
  • A giant baseplate to display the giant minifig on or as the base of the easel,
  • An easel display stand (fitted securely to the baseplate for stabilty),
  • Parts for either a 'male' or 'female' haircut and alternative eyes,
  • (And possibly) all of the above in normal miniscale.

What can it do?

Everything your normal minifig can (except for possibly fitting in your minifig car or building);

  • Hold the mug and paintbrush,
  • Rotate its head,
  • Swing its arms in front and behind its torso,
  • Rotate its hands,
  • Position its legs horizontally forwards and almost as far backwards (as does the normal minifig),
  • Fit on the display stand (due to cavities in its feet).

Support if you can imagine this standing in your home/office/shop/anywhere!

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