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White Victorian

A stylized park pavilion.

The build consists out of four separate parts. It is meant for decoration but could also be integrated into a larger park landscape.

This is built with real bricks and I used common standard techniques and connections only. Initially, I wanted to use a white background only, but white on white is not that easy to take a picture of, and I had to add lots of contrast to the white pictures. I also wanted to change the colour of the leaves via editing but then just using olive was looking pretty good, so I will use that idea for another build.

I am not sure whether the architectural style is actually Victorian, but it reminds me of it. In the end, it is just some fantasy build though.

The pictures show three sides of the model and the top.

Why do I believe it would make a great LEGO set?
I think it looks pretty good and has a very different aesthetic than other sets. It would also be a good set to enlarge and build a whole park around it.

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