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Star Trek - U.S.S. Defiant

Edit (September 10th) - No progress on the build but our fellow cuusoo friend Glen Bricker offered and did render me the Defiant to look photo realistic (as seen in the updated title image). Look out for more of these to come and thanks a lot to Glen for his help.

Edit: The building process has started - Can already say that I'm gonna have to do a few changes here and there because real life build has some disadvantages (but also loads of advantages) over LDD. Here are the first few pictures taken during the process:

So far this is only the LDD model of the ship. I'm currently trying to gather all required pieces to build the thing. It consists of more than 5000 individual pieces and is almost 1 meter long. I'm aware that the rights to Star Trek are currently with another company but I think if enough people support this there is perhaps a way to get around this.

Overall this is rather similar in size and scope to the UCS Millenium Falcon.

Like I said I'm currently trying to actually build the model and this will definitely lead to a few changes and updates. I will try to update this post accordingly. Also planning on doing some youtube videos going through the design process (had a few iterations and steps) and the actual building process depending on how well it is received.

In the actual build I'm planning to include some light bricks to illuminate the deflector and warp nacelles/pylons. As you can see, the bridge section can be opened up and reveals the defiant's bridge including the crew members (IN SCALE):

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