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Scarecrow's Toxin Laboratory

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This set is a set from my imagination based off of nothing else. Dr. Crane is Scarecrow's real name so i thought since he was a doctor (that specializes with fear) that he should have his own laboratory (in this case where he makes his fear gas). As you can probably tell, I changed Scarecrow's color scheme from brown, orange, and black to green, grey, and black. This set includes a couple of features such as flick-fire missiles and openings that allow the scare gas tanks to roll as you can also see in the top right corner.

Here are the Minifigs

Henchman Scarecrow Batman/Ace

I included the dog Ace in this set because I thought it would be a nice addition of a trusty sidekick instead of Robin. I would much prefer the dog in either grey or black if this becomes a set (which i might do in the future).

Here is a robot/hardsuit that Dr. Krane stole or invented. This is another part I enjoy about the set.

Another feature about this set is that it has lego hinges whitch allow the set to take a who new form!
Here is an example

Here is the set alone and some the scientific tools that Scarecrow uses.


*"*"*100 supporters*"*"* I will add an additional set with scarecrow in a more light costume and his vehicle to a couple of connect bricks that will attach the set!

Please comment and tell me if it should be a plane, car, helicopter, ect.

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