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Ground Control Center


This is a ground control building used for launching spacecraft.   

The ground control building is lined with windows. There is an office room to one side and there is a computer room on the other side. The computers help control the rocket's trajectory in its flight. Near the office there are crates with supplies in them. The entrance is a single door with large windows to the sides. There are two rows of computers with people stationed at all of them.

There are a total of:

*18 minifigures 

* 2 vehicles

* 3 base plates, (2; 16 x 32 and 1; 32 x 32) 

*   pieces (still counting)

I hope I will be able to add a spaceship soon.

The spaceship pack would consist of

* A rocket 

* A lunar module 

* and, A launch pad w/ lift and mini crane 

I may soon post a new project of a more futuristic version of this.

Thank you very much for supporting!

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