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Minecraft MicroWorlds: The Cold Taiga


This is the Minecraft cold taiga biome. This is part of the Minecraft microworlds. It has 471 pieces and would cost around the same as the other microworlds, 34.99$. This set is also fully compatible with the official microworlds. It includes 3 micro mobs.

The Snow Golem

A Spider

And A Cow

All micromobs would have printing and are made to be tiny and not detailed. This is so I can keep to the scale with the things I can do with LLD.

As with the other sets there are 4 detachable quadrants. On the surface there are 1 spruce tree, 4 poppies, 2 hills, 3 pumpkins and a frozen lake.

Underneath the surface there is a dungeon with a spawner and 2 chests, an enchanting room, a cave where lava and water met and made obsidian, and minecart tracks running through a cave. Plus diamond ore, lava and, water.


Please comment if you want to. Hope you liked this project.

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