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Twenty One Pilots Set

This is a set based on the music band Twenty One Pilots. It contains the 3 main era of the band for now: Blurryface, Trench and Scaled and Icy. Each era has a specific space and minifigures of Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun.
The main part of the entire set is the house from the Stressed Out music video, in wich there is the same living room and the drum set.
On the left of the house is the Trench set, recreating the mountains ambiance from the music videos.
On the right, we can see Trash coming out of the house, and the Scaled and Icy colorfull set from the livestream experience beneath him. I also created the Big Fun Shop from the Choker music video.

I paid attention to a lot of small details like the designs of the minifigs, or some things like the yellow flowers from Trench, and really tried to make it looks good for all the TOP fans. If it succeed to get the 10k supports, all the fans around the world could buy this set. If you like it, support and share, thanks !

I may do some updates to the set in the future.

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