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The Blue Phantom Monster Truck


Here is my idea for Lego and Lego City it is called "The Blue Phantom Monster Truck. This idea cones with a truck driver with silver cap, truck with Trailer, a "Blue Phontom Monster Truck driver with Helmet and Visor. Inside the two trucks are two wheels for both of the trucks, lights, two racing flags and flag poles, two smoke stacks, I made this set today after i put in this years firewood. I made this set because there are  a lot of Monster Trucks and fans out there. The back of the truck the lift on the trailer goes down so that you can haul "The Blue Phantom Monster Truck" Lego City does not have a set like this and  i feel that they should cover all of the bases. To me i would consider this set to go with racing and nascar. There are lot of fans in these catorgories as well. This set was easy to make and would be hours of fun for everyone and for all age catergories. It would make a great set for the fans of Monster Trucks or collectors of Lego. Please feel free to share this idea with friends and family and remember to tell them that you voted on "The Blue Phantom Monster Truck" "Have a Great Day and Thanks for your Vote!"P.S. The truck could also be great to haul the "Tar Paver" also.

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