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The Castle

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The Castle
The Castle is a medieval, micro-scale castle such that a king and his knights would live in while they rule their realms.  Outside, there is a collection of trees, a river, a bridge to the castle, stairs leading to the rear door, and an outlying gatehouse.  In The Castle is two spacious courtyards, turrets on each corner, and a towering keep on in the middle, with a large balcony.  With two highly defendable entrances, The Castle is a highly defendable fortress.

The Idea
I have always loved any and all castle sets, and enjoy building at a micro-scale level.  The most challenging parts of the build were the offset turrets and keeping the detail level high while still making it sturdy.  This would be a stunning display piece, and is mounted on a stand, with a title inscribed on the stand.  If you think this product idea should be made into a set, please click the blue support button and watch castle rise again!

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