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Captain Future's Comet


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Captain Future is an anime TV series from the 80s.
It was the first series that sparked my passion for anything space related.
Captain Future was popular with many fans in Central Europe and Japan who kept the fandom alive to this day ready to pass it to the next generation.

Captain Future and his faithful crew were upright defenders of the universe, fighting for justice against enemies like the Space Emperor, a living hologram, or Vul Kuolon, an evil scientist.
Captain Future is one of the few space heroes who actually built their spaceship "The Comet" themselves.
The Comet (Cyberlab in France) is a fast-than-light spaceship, with which can take its crew even through time.

The set consists of a model of the Comet and the Crew.

The model is built from 1800 parts with a length of approximately 75 cm.
It can be presented in full splendor flight mode as well as in its chilling landing position.

The crew includes:

  •    Captain Future himself (aka Capitaine Flam, aka Capitan Futuro, aka キャプテンフューチャー)
  •    Grag, the robot
  •    Otho, the shape-shifting android (aka Mala)
  •    Professor Simon Wright, a flying human brain and
  •    Joan Landor (aka Joan Randall)

All these characters are included as minifigures, Professor Simon is brick built.

If you like my interpretation of Captain Future and the Comet, please support my project.

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