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Anubis - Egyption God

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Anubis is an Egyptian god often represented as either a man with a jackal head, or the whole body. Anubis has many duties depending on where he's seen.  He was a protector of graves and also associated with embalming. By the Middle Kingdom, Anubis had become Lord of the underworld.  One of the most prominent roles was ushering people to the afterlife. 

He is often depicted on a funeral barge assisting the dead across the river Styx. 

Lego Anubis

When visiting LEGOLAND one time, there was a presentation of building the Egyptian Funeral Barge for the treasure room at the end of the Lost Adventure ride.  I thought that was pretty neat and took some photos.  We were embarking on a trip where we'd have free time, so I thought about building my own version.  That night at the hotel I looked up Funeral Barges of various types and was taken by the ones protected by Anubis.  The next day at the park, I went to the bulk area and picked up a bunch of brick to build a funeral barge along with my Anubis.  My barge is pretty similar to the LEGOLAND one, but Anubis is my own creation.  I think he turned out pretty well.
As it happens, I even had an opportunity to enter my Egyptian Funeral Barge in a ship/boat building contest a week later.  With a well written description of the importance of this kind of artifact to Ancient Egyptians, and being the only entry made of Lego, (though a juice carton was required as well), a special category was added to the contest and we won a small trophy :)
The whole barge is perhaps a little big for Lego Ideas, but I thought my Anubis would be appreciated here.  Ancient Egypt has a lot of interesting potential for small Lego sets, pyramids, Sphynx, temples, gods, and so forth.  I could envision Lego making a small collection of such creations.
I've included a couple photos of the entire funeral barge with the Anubis on top, but this project is only for Anubis, the barge is too big and not entirely my own.  Anubis is 96 bricks, the barge closer to 2500.

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