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Mini 4x4


A simple build, this set is a Technic-style four-wheel drive vehicle with balloon tyres, a ute bed, and a 2 cm lift.  Featured in this model are a strong bull-bar, translucent front and rear lights, and a blue, grey, and black colour scheme. 

I built this set because I felt like experimenting with Technic pieces, so I put about 250 bricks together and this is what it turned out to be. I've always liked how vehicle frames can be made from just a few beams and rods, which is what I used for this build.

Honestly; I don't think this would make a great set, but I think that it is a good experimental build, with just the right number of pieces to make it a set (rather than just a polybag) but won't drain your bank account.

Summarising this set, it is a small, simple vehicle built entirely out of Technic elements.

I don't mind if you don't support this, but it would be appreciated.                                                                                        Thanks.

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