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The Professor's Study

Tucked away in the deepest, dustiest, most derelict wing of old professor McCreery's mansion is his storied study - a room overflowing with the artifacts of a mysterious old man's past. In this room, the aged recluse relives the far-flung adventures of his younger self among mountains of formerly lost treasures. Tet, the professor's equally withdrawn kitty, may not understand why her owner spends so much time among the cursed relics and grimy tomes, but she's more than happy to keep the old man's company in the musty study.

The Professor's Study provides builders of all ages with a fun and engaging display piece that is sure to ignite the pistons in the mind of any storyteller. The Professor's nostalgic display pieces, calling back to many retired LEGO themes, each have their own story. They beckon you to imagine/build the frightening castle, crumbling pyramid, or booby-trapped cave where each was found so that you can experience the adventure for yourself.

This deceivingly quaint set is your ticket to a time-tripping globe-trotting adventure.

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