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Old Time Gas Station


This gas station is based an old homestead gas station.  Many years ago people would sometimes open up gas station right in front of their home, and offer 24 hour service.  I tried to add as many details to this model as I could without overcrowding it.  The gas pumps are the old style glass pumps, the gas would be pumped up into the glass then you could use the nozel to fill the automobile with fuel.  The setting of this model is the western United States. Scenery includes a rock and three  cactus plants.  The little driveway is decorated with 1x1 round pieces to give the appearance of gravel. 

   Inside the house there is a wood burning stove to keep warm at night and also a close game of checkers with only one checker left per player. The wall in the back is on a hinge so that it can be opened and closed.  The roof can be removed for a view from above.  I also added curtains behind the two front windows. Flooring throuought the cabin is old timey carpet, which was designed by using 1x1 tiles.

    I think this would be a great addition to any lego city or display.  If you would like to give this set a chance to become an official lego set click the support button.  Thanks for looking!

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