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Technic Airport Catering Truck!

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NOTE: The side panel of the container is paper. 

Video (watch to see model in action):

Take a tour of the airport with the Airport Catering Truck!

This fascinating model of a fascinating vehicle features both power functions and pneumatics, operating a total of 5 functions. These include:

-Raise/lower container


-drive(forward, backward)

-opening front doors

-opening rear doors

The model also contains several other functions such as:

-V6 engine

-Hand of God steering

-opening doors

-suspension (live axles)

This airport catering truck also has its fair share of details: lights, ladders, chocks for stability, seats in the cabin, walkways, and the huge logo on the side! It is the perfect combination of form and functions.

The model itself contains around 2000 pieces and is quite large (50x60x13 cm with container raised).

Thank you for your support! I hope that one day, we'll all get to fill this thing with chicken leg pieces ;)


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