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Lego Cessna Citation CJ4 - Private Jet



and welcome to Cessna Citation CJ4. This private jet is one of the most famous and most luxurious jets in the world. It is so comfortable. There are 8 seats for passengers + 2 seats for pilots. On board is also lavatory (toilet), galley and small kitchen. It is the best way of travelling. The maximum cruise speed is 522 miles/h / 835km/h. The maximum range is 3556 km. There are 6 windows on each side, so you can fully enjoy your flight view. You can fly from Las Vegas to New York for one fuel tank. Travelling in the Lego world has never been easier! This set is made out of 689 Lego bricks. So, if you want this as a REAL SET, just SUPPORT THIS PROJECT, we will be very grateful.

Thank you for your support.

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