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Transports, of various type, are such regular things we see in our daily life. They are so common that we almost just ignore their existence. But if you really think about it, it's actually quite amazing, how we can transport so much (either people or goods) from one place to another with so many different ways. On the ground, underground, on water, under water, or even in the air, transports are everywhere, playing their roles, almost silently in modern society.

So I decided to create a MOC that contains all kinds of transport, as respect to everyone working in this field. In this MOC, you can find cars, trucks, high-speed rail, cruise, plane, metro, even a submarine. Each transport represents a certain lifeline that sustains the needs of our daily life (or simply get you to places).

The MOC is kind of four-layered, you have sky, then viaduct (high bridges for trains), then ground/water, then beneath ground/water. I am also thinking adding choppers into the MOC, just not quite sure where yet, for now the scene already seems packed.

Hope you like it! Thank you for supporting!

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