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The Outside Gym

This build is a recreation of public gym equipment found near parks, containing 523 parts and 4 Minifigures. The dimensions of this set is 32x40 in studs.
I built this MOC because when I walk past these Outside Gyms I always imagine building them out of LEGO so that they are fully functioning.
This set has 4 Minifigures:
  • A Jogger.
  • A Shirtless, Sweating, Muscular Man.
  • A Puffed Man Wearing A Singlet.
  • And A Woman Exercising.
This set had many features, including:
  • A tree.
  • A path.
  • And 9 different exercise equipment.

The names of the exercise equipment in each image:
  • Image 3 – (From Left to Right) Roman Rings, Pull Bar and Parallel Dip Bars
  • Image 4 – (From Left to Right) Chest Press and Leg Press
  • Image 5 – Body Dips
  • Image 6 – Leg Raises
  • Image 7 – Multi Bench
  • Image 8 – Sit Up Bench

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