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The Charming Cottage

The Charming Cottage has many little details to delight both children and adults, especially fans of Fixer Upper! This project includes a small cottage with an attached gazebo, built with similar concepts from Joanna Gaines' architecture and decor style. There are two mini figures in this build: 1 sister, 1 brother, and two dogs named Brownie and Cookie.

The siblings enjoy spending their time outside, tending to the carrot garden or watering the flowers. Once in a while, they give Brownie and Cookie baths with an outdoor hose, and groom them till their plastic coats shine! They are always checking the mail box every day, for new letters from friends or family.

Cooking meals in the outdoor kitchen is easy with all the equipment a mini figure needs to cook, including the kitchen sink! The brother fires up the stove to grill hot dogs and turkey legs for dinner, while the sister stores the milk, croissant, and apple in the freezer and pantry. After dinner, they wash dishes, and walk inside as the sun sets.

Coming through the front porch, they relax inside the cottage. The sister opens the laptop to find what TV shows are viewing this week. After debating over tonight's shows, they watch HGTV and the Food Network using the remote to select the right channels on the curved screen TV. Later, they go to sleep on the loft bed with futon/couch underneath. Sweet Dreams!

These siblings have so many more adventures ahead of them, and you can be the one to create the next part of the story, if you own this set! This project was built for Fixer Upper/Joanna Gaines fans, and children that enjoy building and playing with LEGO house sets!

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