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‘Auto’ Rickshaw - Are You Ready For a Ride?


Are you ready to take a ride in a popular vehicle from India called auto rickshaw or in short, and commonly referred as, Auto? This is a three wheeled vehicle with a wheel in the front and two in the back. Most of the times it’s yellow in the top and black in the bottom but in few models, it’s also yellow and green also.


The model was inspired after our last trip to India where the family thoroughly enjoyed the rides and as LEGO enthusiasts, wanted to try it out. It was built using the parts that were available in yellow and black and to do justice to the real auto vehicle. It also includes as many details as possible that are available in a typical auto. 


Some of the ones to call out are:


  1. Driver seat with driver
  2. Steering bar
  3. Horn on one side
  4. Mirror on another side 
  5. Headlight and additional lights in the front and back 
  6. Arch window opening for driver/passenger conversation 
  7. Long passenger seat 
  8. Two passengers 
  9. Door to enter on one side
  10. Support bar on another side 
  11. Rear window 
  12. Door at the back to access engine 
  13. License plate 
  14. Hooks to hang out bags
  15. And many more small features and details


You could also checkout a short video of the model with real sound effects to feel it.


Hope you like the model! If you enjoyed the ride, kindly support the idea.


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