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Pigs in Space (From the Muppet Show)


The classic reoccurring sketch from The Muppet Show has been recreated in LEGO form for your enjoyment. First Mate Piggy, Captain Link Hogthrob and Dr Julius Strangepork, in command of the Pigs in Space set, and an accompanying model of the whole USS Swinetrek. Plus a bonus weirdo on a motorcycle (referencing the first Pigs in Space sketch in Season 2) .

Muppets creator Jim Henson performed Hogthrob, alongside Frank Oz (Piggy), and Jerry Nelson (Strangepork) in the original Muppet Show run. Given the release of a new Netflix documentary "Jim Henson, Ideas Man", now is an ideal time to rekindle your love for these everpink characters. This submission was built as a tribute to the genius of Henson, and his supporting performers.

This would make for an ideal Ideas set to remember the fun you had as a kid watching these classic comedy routines. Known for their wacky adventures and strained dynamic, Piggy, Hogthrob, and Strangepork were always at odds with each other, never mind the various aliens, the Muppet regulars and even the occasional the guest star who would pop in to cause even more chaos.

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