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ThunderCats Lair

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This ThunerCats Lair, is a great idea for the collector of Thundercats.

I have been working hard to make this set fit onto an area that is no bigger than 48x48 studs as I want it to fit onto the largest plate. .

This also includes some ideas of room designs such as the control room, Council Chamber, Brig, Room, Storage room, Entrance and Kitchen.

I hope that you enjoy looking at this and please support this project especially if you a child of the 80's.

I have included several integrate details such as a moveable Claw Hanger on Both sides, and Drawbridge.

The rooms for the back.

ThunderCats Logo of the Eye of Thundera

A moving head that turns the entire 360 degrees. This also allows for a minifigure to be made of any of the Thundercats and it fits into the mouth.

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