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Snow Mountain Lab

    Our LEGO set is a scientific lab that has been dug out of the side of a snowy mountain. These scientists have been digging through mounds of snow for years on end, finding and creating cures to diseases around the world using whatever they can find in the depths of the mountain. My brother and I started out building this set for fun, and then expanded on it continuously until it became what is now known as the “Snow Mountain Lab.” We believe that this LEGO set would be a great add on to any and everyone’s collection, due to its superior detailing and interesting designs.
    This build includes many details, which includes:
       — a pharmaceutical refrigerator (which holds 3 green cures, one purple cure, a yellow medicine canister, and a red crystal) that is connected to a power outlet in the side of the mountain
        — a cure testing table (which has a blue, red, and three empty medicine canisters and a light blue crystal on it)
        — an artifact cleaning and processing table (which has a dark green crystal, three bones, a drill, a small chisel, and a fossilized egg) that has a crate filled with various artifacts next to it
       — a mound of snow that includes a turning function, which reveals a treasure chest (holding a golden goblet, neon green crystal, two gold coins, a golden candle holder, and two red gems), a skull, and a skeletal body
       — the lab includes two crates (one filled with shovels, the other with bones) and two barrels (one filled with brooms, the other with pickaxes
       — the top of the mountain is supported with old, weathered and modified support beams
       — a small, stone wall that holds two ice axes and is connected to a power outlet in the side of the mountain
       — the whole lab has smooth, stone pathways going through to each section
       — the set includes three minifigures (2 scientists and one miner) and one dog figure (a husky)

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