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Nintendo DS Lite


Are you a Nintendo Fan? Than the Nintendo DS Lite is a great way of modeling that you are a Nintendo fan! The set comes with similar features such as the flip open ability. In this set, you have the chance to imagine having an Nintendo DS Lite but in the exquisite Lego version. The set also has red back covering on the flip case and the overall set include 149 pieces.

What gave me the idea of this set is my Nintendo DS Lite. I was playing a Lego game on it, and then I started to form an idea in my head. I then studied the design of my Nintendo DS Lite and decided to build a version of my Nintendo DS Lite using LDD. I then thought it would be a great idea since I knew that many people liked Nintendo!

I think this would be a great set due to the fact that many people across the nation enjoy playing on Nintendo devices. Plus many of my friends have said that this would be a great idea for a Lego set. I have decided that this would be a great project to work on. I am very excited to get a lot of supports!

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