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Space Carrier Blue Noah


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Since I was young I always played with LEGO bricks with my brother; we used to build every cartoons’ character, car, ship or spaceship with the bricks.
Blue Noah was one of my favorite animated series, being a great and powerful spaceship which could fly in the space, sail on the sea or underwater and with very funny characters. Also, the Italian opening theme was very nice.

When I started working on the LEGO Ideas my brother said: “Why don’t you build the Blue Noah?”…soon it seemed to me a fantastic idea and therefore I immediately started to work on my project and…here it is!

The “Space Carrier Blue Noah” belongs to the homonymous anime television series, which was born in Japan in the late 70s. It was distributed in the USA as “Thundersub” and in some Spanish-speaking countries as “Nave Anti-Espacial”. In Italy the series title was only “Blue Noah”.

The series is set in the 2052, when Earth has to fight against the Death Force, ruthless aliens arriving from the dying planet Gotham, who are desperately searching for a new home. The Gothamites are travelling on the Terror Star, a spaceship which houses 200 million aliens who want to save their race conquering Earth and living on it.
They proceed with the destruction of much of the terrestrial civilization and with the occupation of the planet, by building sea fortresses around the world to convert seawater to heavy water, the main source of energy for the aliens, meaning the gradual extinction of the humans.

The only hope for the mankind is the Space Carrier “Blue Noah”, a giant spaceship that can fight the invaders at sea or in space, guided by Colin Collins and a with small band of surviving students as crew.

I built a very big Blue Noah model (the length is about 55 cm, 22 inches) which has the possibility, as the real one had, to convert from carrier to submarine, by opening or closing the starboard and port flight decks.

In the carrier configuration, on the top of the deck there are 4 fully articulated cannons, which can be rotated. Also, the sticks of the cannons can be moved up or down. On the lateral decks there are 3 small fighter jets on each side.

Additionally, the “Tempest Junior” mini-submersible can be detached from the bow of the ship, while the “Bison” attack helicopter, known as "Rocketcopter", can be detached from the stern.
I included a pedestal to display the ship, with a logo created by myself. It could be displayed both in submarine or in carrier configuration.

I think my “Blue Noah” is both playable and displayable at the same time, giving it attractiveness both for the AFOLs who (like me) love the 80s animated series and want to have the Blue Noah in their showcases, both for our children, who want also to play with it.

I used totally 1572 bricks.

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