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Highway Overpass


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I'm new to this LEGO Ideas, and I thought I'd like to share my idea for fun to express my interest.  I like to design buildings and highways since drawing them when I was a child.  This design I did with LDD (LEGO Digital Designer) is one of the best I can ever think of.  It's a highway overpass inspired by highways today.  Each bound consists 4 lanes (8 lanes total) with one overpass to cross over the highway with ascending and descending ramps, retaining wall at the center of both freeways and at the overpass to keep vehicles from falling off, and guardrails to keep vehicles from falling off the edge before driving to the overpass.  It also has beautified grass around the ramps to cover the ramps underneath.  The columns underneath the overpass provide support to keep the bridge firm.  It is tall enough for trucks, cars, and other vehicles to drive through.  It is also strong enough to hold vehicles on top of the overpass.  The road plates are brick made, and do not acquire road plates.  I would say that it took me about either 1, 2, or 3 days to make it.  It was finished sometime in July I believe.  Sorry that I lost track, but it's worth the effort.  Anyways, enjoy my first model.


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