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Ancient Egyptian Temple

This is a microscale replica of a generic Ancient Egyptian temple, modeled loosely after the Temple of Khonsu at Karnak! It features two obelisks, microfigure statues, pylons, columns, palm trees, and even a sacred lake! The roof of the rear structure comes off to reveal an inner-shrine containing a naos and a removable sacred barque - a model ship that carried the idol of the tutelary deity of the temple.

Though in our present day such temples lay in dusty ruins presenting bare-faced sandstone walls, in ancient times they would have been plastered all over in a brilliant white, and inlaid with lavish and colorful decorations. Columns would have likely been painted green to represent bundles of reeds, ceilings would have been painted sky-blue, and statues would have been decorated with inlaid gold and precious stones. Another feature not observable today was the row of towering flagpoles flanking the entrance, prominently displaying long colorful pennants.

Though not complicated or detailed as far as LEGO sets go, I think it would be a small, affordable, and fun-to-build set that (hopefully) educates and captures the imagination.

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