Product Idea |


I would like to present an idea for a game that I have developed. I am of the opinion that my idea would supplement your product portfolio perfectly because the components are similar to what you have been producing successfully for so many years. Furthermore, as the target group ranges from age 10 to 99 the game might open up new markets for your company. In my board game cities are constructed, especially high rises (the higher the better) and tram lines. Interlocking bricks are perfect for this. The goal of the game is to achieve the highest score by constructing the highest buildings, the most efficient tram lines and by preventing co-players to do the same. The basis is a plate (48x48) with (2x2) plates as construction sites on it. At the side of the board the actual score of each player can be seen. Each player has 25 components for constructing high rises, that are either floor units or roofs and 25 components for building a tram line including curves and tram stations. The game has been designed for 2 to 5 players. The size of the board can be subdivided depending on the number of players. This establishes the possibility to sell further components for those who would like to play with more people.
In case you see the potential of the game I would be more than glad to send you the detailed instructions. At the end of each game the result is every time a different looking skyline.
I have played the prototype version of the game with many people so far and most of them have given me the feedback that they really enjoyed it. Play time for two players is approximately one hour.