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Your City in a Box


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What’s inside the mysterious black box?

Anything you can imagine, but I’ll give you a few of my ideas:

  1. There are cities inside, with numerous different buildings, trees, streets and parks: Be a city planner! Or a mayor! Or grab your cars and other toys and just play with your city!
  2. A toolbox to learn how to be an architect: Design your own houses, churches, factories and other buildings. Because of the small size of them you are forced to rely on your creativity and your main idea without losing sight because of too much detailing.
  3. Lots of puzzles! Starting with a house based on one white block with one rooftop. Up to complex buildings for which it is much harder to find out how to build a robust construction: Don’t read the instructions! Look at the photos carefully and try out building them by yourself.
  4. Try out all possibilities with Lego rooftops: Just have fun with al the different Lego rooftops! Combine lots of them again and again creating numerous buildings for your own city.

My inspiration came from a wooden box with wooden houses in it with which kids used to play a long time ago. But I thought that it would be much nicer to create such a box with houses from Lego. It gives you so much more possibilities.

I hope the set as a whole is appealing to you. The black box should make people curious about what’s inside. And opening it should make them willing to start building themselves! Of course you can put the Lego pieces in the box, it shows by the colors where to put what piece. But maybe you prefer to store your masterpieces in the black box.

I think the box is for young and old. And it cheers up any living room.

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