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Watermill and Restaurant W. Power Function

This idea is inspired by and is a scaled-down model of the French watermill and restaurant Le Moulin de Fourgues. Le Moulin de Fourgues is found in northern France in the region of Île de France on the border with Normandy, about 100 km northwest of Paris, on the river Oise, which operates the watermill.
There has been a watermill on the site for several hundred years. The water mill is a so-called undershot waterwheel mill.

The model:
The model consists of three parts, a bridge over the river, the water mill and the associated restaurant and is built of three modules that are assembled using Lego Technic pins.

The bridge is built over two "new" City Road Plate of 16 x 16 studs (69 958). Just as the road on the landside along the watermill is constructed of three "new" City Road Plate of 8 x 16 studs (71772) but in a new colour scheme.

The bridge's arches are reflected in the river's water, which is transparent. Across the bridge there is a farmer with his ox cart on his way to the mill to pick up the finished flour and a French guy on horseback is on his way out of town. At the bridge, a barrier has been built to voice the water up so that it can be used to operate the water mill and where you can also fish.

The water mill:
The watermill consists of a three-storey building. At the bottom, in the basement, is hidden the technology that drives the water mill which consists of battery, receiver and motor for Power Function. The motor drives the mill wheel and the mill wheel also drives a grinder on the first floor. On the first floor there is also an office where the boss works. In addition to the boss, there is, of course, a miller and a miller's journeyman. There is a simple crane to hoist sacks of flour and grain up to the grinder and further up to the ceiling. The boss has a friend who is a miller at the Moret-sur-Loing watermill and therefore has a picture of this water mill on the wall of his office.

The restaurant also consists of three floors. On the ground floor there is a fully appointed restaurant kitchen where the boss manage it all. The restaurant itself is located on the first floor, where a young couple eats a romantic dinner. At the top there is a chamber where a painter lives.

Building Technic:
SNOT technique has been used for the gables of the restaurant. The water wheel of the water mill has 16 bucket blades and is actually two water wheels built within each other and driven by Power Function. The garden at the restaurant is built on an ordinary "thin" building plate and is built together with the restaurant, the base of which is an ordinary 1/3 plate using a special interface.

2733 elements have been used.
There are some Minifigs including the old fisherman and his twin brother who enjoy life in the garden by the river. All Minifigs have double sat face. And all Minifigs torsos have tampon prints both on the front and on the back. There are also quite a few different animals.

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