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Watch Charging House


When I wanted to decorate my desktop with MORE Lego, this idea came to me when I was recharging my smart watch. Should the watch recharge while lying flat? Or coiled up? None of those looked visually appealing on the desk until I built a lego stand for it. Why not build-in the charging stand too? Smart watch chargers these days are magnetic, so it will just “grab” the watch when you place it on top of the house. No snapping or pushing it into a connector. The charging cable hooks up to my desktop computer so the house sits right next to my Lego Pencil Box. The two sets go great together. The minifigure and her loyal cat (camouflaged on top of the roof) are residents of this quaint Grandma-styled house. At night, the house windows can light up with official Lego LEDs. Note the small hole in the back that provides access to the green button that activates the battery pack.

If you have a smart watch, why not make it fun by having it appear to be part of a lego set? I can see these popping up all over on people’s desktops.

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