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Herbie Bug


Herbie is an anthropomorphic 1963 Volkswagen Beetle, a character that is featured in several Disney motion pictures starting with the 1968 feature film The Love Bug. He has a mind of his own and is capable of driving himself, and is also a serious contender in auto racing competitions. That's why I decided to create a representation of Herbie with lego. This set contains the Herbie bug, and a lot of lego figures like Jim Douglas! This set also includes the Herbie's garage and another part. With this lego build I want to remain very close to the car model, with approximately 550 lego pieces. The pictures shows the different functions of this car.The goal of this set is to create different elements of the film, in order to create a lego collection! I f you are at lest 2000 supporters I will certainly create anoter car modell of another film, in order to complete a car collection!

This picture shows the car trunk.


The second function of this car is that you can open the car door


This set includes six lego figures with the garage.

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