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The House


Dream house? maybe...

This is an house with two floors with seven rooms:
two bedrooms one kitchen one bathroom
one living room one dining room,
and one room with a fireplace.

First of all, you can open the house to see inside
and if you want to play with the room in the second floor
you can remove the rooms (you can see this action in the photoes)

Some windows have the curtains and air conditioners
There is a chimney over the roof.
Many objects can be opened, for example wardrobe in the bedrooms
and the door of the shower

Now I describe the rooms:

First floor:
There is an entrance with a low furniture and an hanger dress
there is a dining room with a furniture with glass door
four chairs and a table set with two trays.
There is a kitchen with a big fridge an oven a sink
and four big stoves in the center of the kitchen
Inside the fridge there are ice cream sausages vegetables and meat
and there is a delicious pizza inside the oven.
In the living room there is a big white sofa with two little tables
and a big tv fixed on the wall with dolby surround and
a little furniture under tv.

Second floor:

You can reach the second floor with a wooden staircase.
Under the roof over the entrance there is a little space
with some boxes.
Next room have a big fireplace, with two armchairs a bookcase
a globe and an armature. with some weapons on the wall
There are two bedrooms:
the first has a four-poster bed and a big wardrobe
The second bedroom has a bed a green wardrobe a black desk with a light
and a computer. on the wall there is en elletric guitar
In the bathroom there is a bathroom Sink a shower (you can open the door)
a toilet (you can open it) anb a blue furniture.

Five minifigures should be in the set

I hope you like it all details


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