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Bionicle - Toa Tahu Display Piece, Memory Cube, Mural and Banner

Gathered friends, listen again to our legend, of the Bionicle.

This project is a brick-built Bionicle mask display piece, combined with a memory box, banner, and story/symbol map. The cube podium can be opened up to reveal a large space inside to store your most precious Bionicle masks, and the four faces can be positioned into a "Biological Chronicle" map, showing the Bionicle three virtues logo, as well as featuring abstract depictions of the original masks of the original 6 Toa from 2001. Gali, Tahu, Lewa, Kopaka, Pohatu, Onua

The banner itself can be stood up or hung like a painting, and features the short passage,
"BIONICLE - 2001- "
The infinity symbol shows us that Bionicle has no set end date. Whilst toys, books and movies may come and go, the stories behind them stay forever. This set is a symbolic depiction of that. As such this project is a standalone piece, and very meaningful to me. It is a decorational memory box that could be envisioned as an in-universe artifact, a "Memory Cube," something the Toa or Matoran may have owned and played with over the centuries. It functions as a biological chronicle, charting the life and adventures of whomever owns it. 

This one seems to depict 6 great masks, as well as 6 strange multicoloured symbols... A word lingers on the edge of a memory. "NUVA..."

>>> Summary/Features <<<
Brick-built Kanohi Hau, mask of shielding, with overgrown plant life detailing
Opening podium with large internal storage area
Four removable "Biological chronicle" panels
3 Panels depict Toa Nuva symbols and Toa Mata masks in abstract form
1 Panel depicts the prophetic red star as it cruises above the sky of a new world
This is symbolic as it is seeding the rebirth of Bionicle in a new timeline
Large banner features "BIONICLE - 2001- ∞" text, showing that the Bionicle story has no ending

>>> Meaning/Purpose <<<
To me this set embodies everything I loved about Bionicle from an emotional perspective. It is an art piece, something I built because I want to have one and to hold it and remember reading about Pohatu and Kopaka meeting for the first time. I want to remember when Lewa and Onua saved Le-Koro, or when Gali fought off the fearsome Tarakava. Bionicle made my childhood, and turned many of us into the creative talents we are today. Many of us owe thanks to the world and creators of BIONICLE.

This is my way of saying thank you.

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