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Lego Micro Port

This is my custom micro LEGO port that I made, it features a detailed building with built in shelves, and a forklift. On the outside, there is a completely movable crane, a truck and a small chunk of ocean. It features three boats, a cruise ship, a container ship and a military ship, all of which are extremely detailed and realistic. The crane also features a cab and a rope to unload the containers on the ship! I built this from my imagination, I was looking for something to build for a micro episode on my YouTube channel. At the  time I was really into ships, so I thought: “Hey, what if I build a micro port for my video?” And that’s what I did! It would make a great LEGO set because it has great play value and at the same time it’s detailed and realistic. This is why I think it would make an excellent LEGO set!

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