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Gipsy Danger ( Pacific Rim )


Hello Gipsy Danger Lovers!

If you know Pacific Rim, you know it's all about big towering mechs fighting monsters that mean the end of the humanity(SPOILERS BEWARE!). The "Gipsy Danger" Jaeger is Mark 3 Jaeger built by the USA during the Kaiju War frrom 2013 to 2025. It saw many battles before it was destroyed in 2025, at the Battle of the Breach, and served alongside many other Jaegers you may know from the movie, and has become a icon throughout the mech and kaiju world. It was the last Jaeger to be destroyed in the war, but it's destruction marked the end of the war in 2025.


The model featured is a somewhat more detailed version.  I have made close attention to detail. This mech model is also heavily articulated, making it great for stop motion films and is terrific for doing heroic poses!. In my opinion, this mech model is really something, and it would be a pit if this didn't receive the support it has earned.

So if you like what you see, HIT THAT SUPPORT BUTTON, leave a comment, make a comment if you think the Gipsy needs something else, or just another idea.

Thanks for the Support!
At 1107 parts for the Model, wouldn't be an expensive set, and would leave room for extra's.

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