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Country House


This is my newest set , The country house.

I have spent around a month and a half constructing this build.I think of this set as a small modern get-away house for around two people.I have added 3 rooms inside it and a gearden outside. It is quiet a small build (409 Bricks).

I build this set because I needed to add a house to the countryside in my own lego city. 2 Minifigures can populate it as there is a king sized bed.It is a great place for minifigures to relax and look comfy.

I believe that this set would be great as it allows people to have a home for their minifigures as well as a comfy kitchen , dining area and bed.The kitchen includes a pan , a stove and 2 mugs. The dining area contains 2 chairs and 1 table and the bedroom contains one double-sized bed. This build look very nice and the garden give a good first impression. This build has seven windows and two doors and has a lot of space for minifigures to walk inside the house.

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