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Medieval Siege Tower - Belfry

This is a LEGO medieval siege tower or Belfry. It is inspired by the LEGO Siege Tower from set 6061 produced in 1984. This model is an improved version of the original as it is mainly timber in color and contains a swinging battering ram on the bottom level. There are two levels above the battering ram that allow for the storage of knights and soldiers waiting to cross over the drawbridge style feature on the top level. This siege tower would be ideal to combat and overcome formidable castle defenses. There are many moving parts and interactive features that make this an enjoyable set to build, play with and display. There are stairs and a ladder for knights and soldiers to climb up the different levels and wheels to transport the tower. The drawbridge feature on the top level has chains and hinges that allow it to raise up for protection against defender missiles and lower for the knights to gain access to the castle walls. This set can accommodate up to 10 knights / soldiers and would be one of the largest LEGO siege towers. Its size and dimension gives an impressive scale with other LEGO castle sets. This would make a great LEGO set as it aims to be historically accurate in design, color sequence and features. The siege tower offers a wide range of LEGO enthusiasts with an educational opportunity to learn about the past through a hands on approach based off an iconic LEGO set and medieval structure.   

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