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Southern Water Tribe

Sokka and Katara find the avatar Aang in an ice burg, they take him back to their village. This is the tribe that they take him back to.

In my project, I have the igloo that can be seen in the scene, the interior of this igloo contains four statues of wolves and bowls, and spears to fend off the fire nation.

Additionally, I created two tents. One of the tents is Sokka's tent, the one he prepares to fight zuko in, the second tent is the one that Aang wakes up in and meets the village. In my project, there is also Sokka's watch tower with a wall connected to it

Finally, there is a fire pit, so they can cook food and stay warm. The minifigures that I have included are Katara, Sokka, Aang, Gran-Gran and a random child from the village. There are also 2 penguins, so Aang and Katara can go penguin sledding

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