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The Legend of Zelda HEROICA

The Legend of Zelda and LEGO HEROICA: a match made in heaven. They share so much in common-- from locked doors and treasure chests to potions, a variety of weapons, and various monsters. The dungeons from the original Zelda game, such as the Eagle dungeon as seen below, are easy to imagine as HEROICA maps, in addition to locations from the more modern games. Instead of the Barbarian and the Wizard, you could play as classic Zelda characters such as Link, Princess Zelda & her alter ego Sheik, Midna, and many more. Many of the weapons already in HEROICA would work well with Zelda; a few additions such as a Boomerang and the Hookshot would make it feel like a true adaptation of the video game.

This is a collaboration with "Subro." I'm currently working on getting higher-resolution pictures/renderings for the concepts but for now you'll have to bear with me.

The Eagle dungeon from Zelda 1. The starting point for the map is the bridge to get to the island where the stump-like entrance to the dungeon is. Included enemies are Keese, Bits, Stalfos, Goriyas, and the boss: Aquamentus. I settled for a pit instead of Wallmasters, but they could also be added. This map is accurate to the original game down to the compass and map, but I had to swap out the underground portion for a chest. Also, instead of gold, you may notice green cones-- rupees, of course! Another new addition for Zelda HEROICA is bombs and cracked walls. See if you can pick them out. The goal of this map is to defeat Aquamentus and obtain the Triforce piece (top-right).

Another potential set-- Ganon's Castle from Ocarina of Time. The goal of this map is to deactivate the barriers around Ganondorf and defeat him. Enemies pictured are Beamos, Skulltulas, Green Bubbles, Wolfos, and Ganondorf. It's fairly similar to the game-- the Pits in the Forest room must be leaped (see below), the Power Glove (Golden Gauntlet) must be retrieved from the Shadow room to move the obelisk in the Fire Room, etc.

Obstacles, items, and relics. From left to right,
Top row: Locked Door, Barred Door, Magic Door, Cracked Wall, Boulder, Obelisk
Middle row: Small Key, Switch, Roc's Feather, Bomb, Rupee, Power Glove
Bottom row: Heart Container, Cane of Somaria, Pit, Pegasus Boots, Chest, Lantern

>Locked Doors can be opened with Small Keys
>Barred and Magic Doors can be opened by stepping on a Switch or passed through if the player has the Cane of Somaria relic.
>Cracked Walls and Boulders can be destroyed with Bombs.
>Boulders and Obelisks can be removed with the Power Glove relic.
>Rupees replace Gold, Lanterns replace Torches.
>The Heart Container is a relic and works like the Helmet of Protection.
>Pegasus Boots, also a relic, allow the player to move an extra space, somewhat like a permanent Lantern.
>>Pits: when a player is adjacent to a pit and wishes to cross, they must roll the dice. If a Shield or Sword is rolled, the player jumps the pit and proceeds to the next space. If a Skull or Skull/Sword is rolled, the player remains in place and loses 1 Health. If the player has the Roc's Feather relic, Pits may be jumped without rolling the dice.

Now, obviously these wouldn't all be in the same sets. Just like how different Heroica sets have doors and keys, magic doors, torches & rocks, etc., the different Zelda Heroica sets would have varying types of obstacles. Maybe one set would have lots of pits, and its relic would be Roc's Feather, and so on. You get the idea.

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