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Lego Shark Tank


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Dundundundundundundundundundun dundun dunnn! This entreprenuer is selling a new type of customised(and completely realistic for a plastic guy)  wigs. This 145 brick set features the shows 6 sharks, and an entreprenuer (Austin Smith) looking for an investment.


The "sharks" have a presentation from diffrent entreprenuers with componies looking for money. The "sharks" are self made multi-millionares, that invest in companies (example: 220K for 25% of the compony). The "sharks" debate(argue) with the other "sharks" and the business people whether if they should invest there money into the company. At the end the the business person either walks away with a deal, all the sharks say "I'm out", or reject all of the offers and walk away with nothing. 


145 bricks

6 extra hairpieces(wigs)

7 minifigures(left to right) (1st picture  under main)

Mark Cuban

Barabara Corcoran

Daymond John

Kevin O'Leary

Austin Smith- Made up completely, the wig company C.E.O.

Lori Greiner

Robert Herjavec 

-usually there are 5 sharks on the show at once but I added the alternates instead



1st- sharks

2nd- the buisness man

3rd- The sharks with the wigs (back veiw)

4th- Austin Smith is leaving the tank. In opinion he got a deal from Daymond (he's the fasion guy) but you can decide. Though he probaly got a lot of critisism from Kevin and possibly Mark.

5th- Daymond and Kevin are talking

6th- The Sharks with their wigs.

Mark- a certain basketball team's wig

Barbara- longer hair

Daymond- DJ hair

Kevin- Lord Business hair

Lori- Cleopatra hair

Robert- American Coloniel hair


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