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the All Terrain - ​Mobile Artillery Walker (AT-MAW) was a heavy artillery unit in the All Terrain walker family. It serves in a support role as a mobile artillery siege craft, easily destroying fortifications at range. The AT-MAW uses the same design as the head of the AT-ST to reduce production costs, this design offers little armor but increases speed by minimizing weight. The base features a four legged design. The front feet are heavily plated and designed to provide stability when firing the main gun, which is a mass-driver cannon fixed to the chin mount, while the rear claw feet are adept at climbing over high terrain or obstacles. The AT-MAW is also fitted with a Anti-Air blaster flak cannon on the roof and the same cheek mounted twin light blaster cannon as the AT-ST, however the opposite cheek mount is equipped with an advanced radar unit to improve sighting at extreme range.

Design Notes:

This model is based on a drawing by Shane Molina I have obtained his permission to use the deign as well as posting it here.

Once I had seen Shane's drawing I knew I just had to make it out of LEGO! I started by buying the official LEGO AT-ST model, intending to build the head and then start on the legs. However after I had built the model I realized the head's shape was all wrong and so I ended up redesigning the whole thing! I've added the sloped front, flat top and longer flanges on the sides. I did manage to retain all of LEGO's play designs, including: the opening top and top hatch, the spring shooter missiles, and even added a place to store the gun and binoculars. Designing the legs went fairly smoothly, although the main torso joints gave me a lot of trouble before I ended up going with functionality over design with the big ratchet joints.

I would love to answer any questions and to get some feedback on the design!!!!

If you are interested in the design process be sure to check out my Instagram feed or grab the LDD file and instructions below!!!

LDD File:!AkXj4OlJXfWkvtszUWBDcbScQuASbA

Blueprint Instructions:!AkXj4OlJXfWkvux-jF6v1-eNZ9U5Lg

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